Audition Results FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was accepted as a qualified LAYP performer in the previous years. May I know why I did not make it into the orchestra | band | choir this year?

A: The audition results vary each year according to the number of the applicants and their playing levels. When you apply for the audition, there will be new, different, more, or less applicants than the previous years. The audition may be getting more or less competitive, so the applicants’ playing level possibly will become higher or lower than previous years.

Q: May I know why you do not provide any feedback or comments for each applicant?

A: Our audition is not a certificate program which usually gives feedback, comments, constructive criticism, or encouragement to the participants. As other honor groups like SCSBOA, SCVA, CASMEC, NAfME, or NYO, we do not provide an evaluation for each applicant

Q: Can you give us more information on other honor groups?

A: SCSBOA & SCVA – regional (Southern California), CASMEC (all-state), NAfME or NYO (national). Click here for the  detailed information.

Q: Where may I receive a written adjudication (constructive criticism and encouragement)?

A: If your child is engaged in a playing level test (certificate program), you can receive detailed feedback and comments. Please find the information below:

Certificate Programs

Exam Fee (to see updated rates, visit each website)

Grade 5 $140 USD
Grade 7 $187 USD
Grade 8 $250 USD
Level 5 $185
Level 8 $265
Level 10 $480
Level 4-5 $82 – $280
Level 6-7 $88 – $330
Level 8-9 $94 – $380
You can talk to your private teacher to see which program best suits your child.

Q: I cannot accept the audition results (not-selected, honor group placement, or section assignment). May I get the audition fee refunded?

A: Yes, you may file an Audition Fee Refund Request Form. Once we receive the form, we will refund your application fee within 7 business days.

  • Audition Fee Refund Request Form: click here
  • After you completed the form, please forward a copy of your response which is automatically emailed to you by Google Forms.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: No! We are sorry that we are not able to accommodate more students with more spots.