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Chamber Music Series 2023-24 Announcement

We are glad to announce the schedule of CMS (Chamber Music Series) as follows. This series is open to the 2023 Summer Concert participants and designed to provide more intimate chances to showcase our talented young musicians.


Sun. Oct. 1,
Chamber Music Series I Fall Concert
5:00 PM Thayer Hall
Sun. Dec. 17, 2023
Wed. Dec. 27, 2023
Chamber Music Series II Winter Concert
5:00 PM at Thayer Hall
4:00 PM at a Convalescence Hospital
Sun. March 3, 2023
Sun. March 24, 2023
Chamber Music Series III Spring Concert
5:00 PM at Thayer Hall
3:30 PM at a Retirement Center


Qualification & Registration

Q: I am a participant of the Summer Concert 2023. May I participate in this series?

A: Yes! If you are a finalist who completed all the intensive rehearsals and concert either online or in-person for this past Summer Concert, you are eligible to participate.

Q: Do I need to audition for this series?

A: No! All the returning students are eligible to participate without an additional audition.

Q: Do you accept a new student for this series?

A: Yes! New students need to take the online audition process. As the space is limited, the priority will go first to the returning students. If you are interested in the online audition for CMS, please email us at so that we can open the audition window for you.

Q: Can I register for all three series?

A: Yes! It is highly recommended unless you have time conflicts with your school/community orchestra/choir concerts, exams, competitions, camps, workshops, family events, or any other engagements

Q: In case of schedule conflicts, can a student participate in one of the three chamber series?

A: Yes!

Q: Even if a student applies for one series, s/he may not get in because the space is limited. Is this correct?

A: Yes, that is correct, but you can secure a space if you register as early as possible. If the spots are full, we plan to announce the closure.

Size of Chamber Ensemble

Q: What does a chamber music series orchestra look like?

A: It is a small or medium size ensemble which consists of 12 to 25 players. If there are more participants than this size, two or more groups of the chamber ensembles will be formed and their rehearsal time slots will be re-arranged.

Q: My child played in band. Is this for band too or just orchestra players? 

A: The Chamber Music Series is open to Orchestra, Band, and Choir students. This means that students who play in the Orchestra, Band, or Choir are all qualified to apply.

CMS Soloists

Q: How do you select the CMS Soloists?

A: The Concert Committee selects the CMS Soloists for each series based on participants’ this past summer concert audition results, experiences, engagements, and current school grade level etc.

Q: I was wondering if I could choose the solo piece that I will play, because I am currently practicing Weber Clarinet Concerto no. 1 first movement. If I cannot choose the piece, when will I know what the piece is? It is an honor to be considered.

A: Yes, you can do so. The CMS Soloists will be asked to submit their solo repertoire by August 15 usually after the summer concert. You may put that solo piece as your priority #1 in the repertoire. Once we receive all the submissions, we will review them, screening them as well to see if there are song/piece conflicts or any other issues.

Q: My child is nominated to be a CMS soloist. Does a CMS soloist play in the chamber orchestra or perform a solo piece only?

A: CMS soloists are required to play both as soloists and orchestral players. This offers them a wonderful opportunity to excel in both capacities. By participating in the orchestra, soloists gain a better understanding of the relationship and cooperation between a soloist and the orchestra.

Q: My child was nominated as a soloist and registered for all CMS 1-2-3. Do the CMS soloists perform a solo piece in all of the concerts or just one?

A: It depends on availability. If there are enough openings, the soloists may have more than one solo performance. However, the number of solo opportunities for each soloist will depend on various factors, including the concert schedule and the availability of time slots for solo performances. Rest assured, we will do our best to provide soloists with as many opportunities as possible to showcase their talents.

Ticket Sale

Q: Do you sell concert tickets?

A: Yes! The Box Office will start selling tickets 4-6 weeks prior to the concerts. The ticket sale price will be $20 except F-101 to 106 & G-101 to 107. To see the seating chart, click here.

Box Office Now Open- Click Here

The concert visit events(12/27 & 3/24) will be free admission shows, but you need to RSVP via Google Forms when we send out.


Q: Do you accept donations for this series?

A: Yes! We accept your donations for the Chamber Music Series.

More questions? Please email us at