Choir Festival Application Information

Brief Summary

  • Music Festival LA Summer Concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall by LAYP
  • 2023 Summer Choir Festival/Concert Date: Sat, July 8, 2023
  • 2024 Summer Choir Festival/Concert Date: in June, July, or August, 2024
  • 2025 Summer Choir Festival/Concert Date: in June, July, or August, 2025
  • Summer Choir Festival Application Google Form: click here to apply

Detailed Information:

Sing Your Own Repertoire!

If your choir is accepted as one of the festival choirs, your choir will perform your own repertoire in allotted time.

Sing a Choral Symphony with Festival Orchestra!

All the participating choirs will sing a choral symphony and a couple of symphonic works which consist of mostly simple songs. The reference sound tracks and choral parts (sheet music) will be sent by email in advance so that all the participating singers can have enough time to prepare.

Summer Concert Overview

  • Tutti Rehearsal (choir + orch.): Fri. July 7, 2023 @2:00-9:00 PM
  • Rehearsal Venue: church or school in LA or Pasadena (TBA)
  • Dress Rehearsal & Performance: Sat. July 8, 2023 (all day) at Disney Hall

Time Zone: Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

Orchestra Festival: Part I (LAYP Orchestras)

  • Orchestra 1 (20-25 min.) with the combined festival choir
  • Orchestra 2 or Choir (15-20 min.) with the combined festival choir

Choir Festival: Part II (accepted choirs)

  • Choir 1: High School, Middle School, Mixed-Grade, or Community Choir (20 min.)
  • Choir 2: Honor Choir or Chamber Singers (10 min); Subtotal 30 min.

All Choir Festival: Part III (all choirs & orchestras)

  • Song 1 (5 min): SATB unaccompanied, or orchestra accompanied
  • Song 2 (4 min): SATB Choral Symphony; Subtotal 9 min.


  1. Each orchestra’s repertoire includes an orchestral piece with a simple song which all choirs can sing together. For example, Brahms Academic Festival “Gaudeamus Igitur”
  2. Total running time: 120-135 min (2 hours- 2 hr 15 min)
  3. Click the link below for the SATB combined choir song examples:

Application Process & Fee

Summer Choir Festival Application Fee: $100 *This fee will be refunded if your choir is not accepted.

Festival Security Deposit: $2,000 per group if accepted. *To secure a space in the festival, this security deposit is required as one of the process requirements if your choir is accepted.

Participation Fee: To cover the basic production cost, the accepted choirs are required to pay their share. The total production cost estimate will be divided by the accepted performing groups. If the ticket sale reaches the break-even point, this share will be refunded. That does not apply to the choirs from other than the greater Los Angeles area.

Lodging & Travel: If you travel from another state or country, you need to arrange your travel/stay plan by yourself.

Current Openings

  • 2023 Choir 1: HS, MS, Mixed-Grade, or Community Choir — full
  • 2023 Choir 2: Honor Choir of Chamber Choir— full
  • 2023 Choir 3: College, Adult, or Community Choir — full
  • 2024 Choir 3: College, Adult, or Community Choir —open
  • 2025 Choir 3: College, Adult, or Community Choir — open

Summer Choir Festival Application & Selection Process

  1. Summer Choir Festival Application Form: click here to apply ; in this form, you will be required to:
    • Pay the festival application fee of $100 per group (non-refundable) by Venmo, Zelle, or credit card.
    • Submit the shareable links of your video clips representing your group in order for the Performer Selection Committee to review them. Either a full length video or each separate video clip of your performances within past three years (virtual or in-person performance) will be OK. Two or three separate video clips are suggested for your respective video submission. You may upload your video clips on YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. in order to send us your shareable links. All the choral types are welcome, but as we have the honor orchestras, an a cappella style may be a great combination with us. Pieces accompanied by piano or simple/portable percussion instruments are highly acceptable, but the accompaniments by electric guitars/amplifiers or a drum set may cause another issue like a time-consuming setup change. There will be only an online process (NO in-person process). The selection results will be sent by email.
  2. Proposed Repertoire: If your choir is accepted, turn in the list of your proposed repertoire in order to avoid repertoire conflicts with other groups. For example, repertoire scenario 1 (song 1-2-3), scenario 2 (song 1-2-3), scenario 3 (song 1-2-3). 

Director’s Orientation Meeting: In-person or Zoom meetings for the conductors of the accepted ensembles will be held once or twice prior to the first rehearsal (TBA).

  • The deadline for all the accepted ensembles to finalize their proposed repertoire will be announced accordingly. Performance repertoire for each accepted festival ensemble will be finalized and confirmed by the Performance Committee.
  • Sheet music for the combined festival choirs will be sent by email.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do you have any other information regarding the schedule of rehearsals for the participating choirs?

A: There will be one tutti rehearsal (choir + orchestra; 4:00-9:00 PM) and all-day rehearsal (morning rehearsal 9:30 AM-11:30 PM & dress rehearsal 2:00 PM-6:00 PM) on the concert day. Three rehearsals prior to the tutti rehearsal will take place in-person for the residents in the greater Los Angeles area & virtually (via Zoom) for the residents in other state or countries.

The rehearsals for soloists/duo/chamber singers will be arranged on other days with conductors and accompanists.

Q: Will the concert go in-person or online?

A: We expect that we can give an in-person concert in Summer 2022, but in case that the safety/health situation becomes worse, we may switch to virtual platforms or go hybrid (The 2022 concert went both in-person & virtually).

Q: How can I get a concert ticket?

A: The Disney Concert Hall’s own ticketing company will start selling tickets 4-6 weeks prior to the concert. A single ticket price is from $35 to $100.

Q: What is the attire/dress code for the rehearsal/performance?

A: The following dress code is for the symphony chorus only; For dress rehearsal & performance (orchestra/band/choir):

Gentlemen: White long-sleeve collared shirt with a black necktie (not a bowtie), black dress pants, black dress socks, and black dress shoes (no sneakers/boots, no hat).

Ladies: White long-sleeve blouse, black floor-length skirt or dress pants, black dress stockings, and black dress shoes (no white stockings); hair band or hair pin for long hair style

Soloists: Free-colored formal concert dress

Conductors: Concert formal dress (tailcoat/evening coat recommended)

Accepted festival choirs: wear your own choir’s formal concert dress

For rehearsals: free dress