Concert Day FAQ 2023

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Q: Where do we meet at Disney Hall on the concert day?

A: At the Artist Entrance. All the performers need to check in here. Do not check in at the lobby of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The lobby check-in service is for the audience members only. Your status here is “artist” and check in at the Artist Entrance.

Artist Entrance

Q: Where is the artist entrance?

A: Watch this video or ask at the Disney Hall lobby. Here is the direction:

  • From the Disney Hall parking lot
  • Walk to the Lobby (use the escalators)
  • Exit to Box Office
  • Turn Right
  • Pass the LA Phil Store
  • If you see big/long stairs
  • Go upstairs
  • The door on the second-floor level on the left side is the artist entrance
  • Check-in (The Registered Performers only)
  • Summary: Box Office – LA Phil Store – Stairs – 2nd-floor turn left.

Arrive Dressed

Q: Do we arrive dressed?

A: Yes! Arrive dressed. The photographer will take a picture during the dress rehearsal. Reminder: black stockings/socks (knee-high), no white or light brown color stockings. No sneakers or hats.


Q: What items must I bring?

A: Bring the following items:

  • Your photo ID (for example, take a picture of your passport & bring it on your phone)
  • Your instrument
  • Your music binder (black for orchestra; white for singers).
  • Wear your ID badge for a quick security check process at artist entrance and take it off right before the concert. The badge will be distributed on the Tutti Rehearsal on Fri. July 7 to the finalist performers who completed intensive rehearsal 1-2-3 via Zoom, recorded video options via Absence Notification, or optional in-person rehearsals.
  • Petty cash (backstage orchestra lounge has vending machines)
  • A book to read while not in rehearsal

Call Time

Q: What is the call time?

A: 12:30 PM at Artist Entrance; Please line up to check in (SATB singers, Chamber Orchestra, & Soloists at 9:30 AM)

A: Correction:

  • 10:00 AM for Chamber Orchestra, Soloists, Organist, & Bakersfield Chamber Singers (line up at 9:30 AM to check-in)
  • 1:00 PM for all other groups (line up at 12:30 PM to check-in)

Q: Parents – How do I pick up my child after the concert?

A: You can pick your child at the Artist Entrance (the same place as the check-in place). All the performers should stay backstage during & by the end of the concert. They will be escorted to the audience seats by the staff to watch the show when available.

Q: Can you remind us of the dress rehearsal breakdowns?

A: Always go back to & get started from: All-In-One Information Page

Meal Break

Q: For the concert day schedule breakdowns, from 12-1 pm and 5:30-6:30 for meal breaks, can you clarify, if parents are to pick up our children for that hour and feed them or if the students will be going to the food court as a group or bringing their meals and eating together and parents are not recommended to come in those periods of time. We have several children to coordinate plans for so the most specific information helps us greatly. 

A: Please find the guideline below.

  1. Pick up by parents during meal breaks: Parents can pick up their child during the meal breaks at the Artist Entrance of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Please ask the Disney Hall staff in the lobby to see where the Artist Entrance is located. Your child just needs to notify his/her chaperone or choir/orchestra manager to be checked out.
  2. The Concert Hall Cafe is the only place inside the Disney Hall. The student performers can use this restaurant at their own cost, but they need either to check out and in at the Artist Entrance or use Green Room to access to the cafe directly. The orchestra managers will help your child.
  3. Children under age 13: They are highly recommended to be picked up by their parents. If you as parents are not available during the meal breaks, you need to send a brown bag so that your child can eat it in the rest area/lounge within the backstage where a vending machine is available for drinks and snacks. If it does not work, just let us know that we can arrange for our chaperones to form a group and lead/supervise your child to the Concert Hall Cafe.

Q: Can you recommend places to eat near Walt Disney Concert Hall?

A: You can Google “places to eat near Walt Disney Concert Hall”

Disney Hall House Regulation

Q: Tell us the Disney Hall house regulations.

A: Find the regulations

  • No Food-No Beverage (backstage: performers can bring a brown bag), 
  • No Flowers (in the seating area) 
  • No Balloons (if they goes high to the ceiling, it is a serious problem)
  • No Photography/Videography/Recording during Performance;  
  • No food or beverages are not allowed. If they are brought in from the outside, we will incur charges.
  • Water: Bottle water (a brown bag will be OK in the backstage area only).
  • Parking: The Disney Hall will charge a parking fee for all the vehicles to use the parking facilities.

Q: May I be excused from the dress rehearsal?

A: There will be no excuse from the dress rehearsal; no exception

Q: Are parents allowed to enter backstage?

A: No. For security purposes and liability, no parents can enter the backstage; The registered performers, staff, crew, and pre-approved volunteers only can enter the backstage area.

Attractions around Disney Hall

Q: On the concert day, can parents drop off their child at his/her call time, or do you suggest that the parents park and stay until showtime? 

A: On the concert day, you need to drop him off around the Disney Hall (in a safe place) as the parents are not allowed to enter backstage. It is up to you. You may park in the Disney Hall parking lot for the whole day and enjoy touring the following attractions around the Disney Hall while your child is in rehearsal. You can Google “attractions around Walt Disney Concert Hall”

  • LA Phil Store
  • Grand Park between Music Center and LA City Hall
  • The Broad, Museum of Contemporary Art
  • LA Opera, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Mark Taper Forum
  • Ahmanson Theatre
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles
  • Colburn School
  • Angels Flight Railway
  • California Plaza, LA City Hall
  • LA Central Library
  • The Last Bookstore

Ticket Reminder

Q: Can you remind us of ticket purchase?

A: Yes, find the information below

  • Online Purchase: click here
  • Phone Order: 323-850-2000
  • In-Person Purchase: visit the Disney Hall Box Office (M-F 12-5pm)

The box office will be opened 2 hours prior to the concert (6:00-8:00 PM)