Orchestral Concerto Competition

Brief Summary

  • Application Google Form: click here to fill out.
  • Video Link Submission Google Form: click here to turn in.
  • Video Link Submission Deadline: Dec. 31, 2022 (11:59 PM Pacific Time)

Detailed Information

Application Form

Click the Google Form link above to fill out.

Pay the audition fee of $1,000 per student (refundable) by Zelle or Venmo. If you are not accepted, you will get refunded $945 (the process fee of $55 only will be charged/debited)

  • Zelle: “The recipient email is layouthphil@gmail.com. Account’s name is Los Angeles Youth Philharmonic”
  • Venmo ID “@Gene-Chung-3” The last four digits of the phone number is 6079. Do not toggle “Goods or Service”(see the details below)
  • Credit Card: in the Google Form, enter your credit card number, name on it, expiration date, CCV code, billing address, zip code. The process fee (3.5%) will be charged. Take a photo for both sides and upload them one after the other via Google Form
  • Upload the screenshot: After you made a payment, take a screenshot of the transaction via Venmo or Zelle and upload it via Google Form to show proof of your payment.

*The Venmo account “@Gene-Chung-3” is linked to “Los Angeles Youth Philharmonic” which is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt/non-profit organization. If you tag your transaction as a good or service, Venmo puts us as the seller to charge the transaction fee. Please notice that our program is for non-profit and NOT a good or sale item for profit. At the end of each fiscal year, you may request us to issue a tuition fee certificate for your tax return.

Zelle or Venmo If you do not have either a Zelle or Venmo account, please visit the following websites and watch the videos below.

Video clips

Video Link Submission Form

Click the Google Form link above to turn in your shareable link & upload a PDF copy of your audition piece.

  • There will be online audition only (NO in-person audition) 

Step 1 (Record): How Do I Record My Video?

Record your audition video in a quiet environment with your camera distance being good enough to capture your face, posture, instrument, fingering, bowing, hand shapes, lip shape (wind & voice) etc..

  • Introduce Yourself (7-20 seconds; include your first/last name, school, grade)
  • Play Your Scale & Arpeggio
  • Play Your Audition Piece

A one merged video is preferred, but you may submit your separate audition video clips or unedited or uncut videos if you have already recorded them respectively.

Solo Audition PieceSelect a solo piece (one fast movement only including a cadenza if applicable) from the suggested repertoire (StringsWoodwind/Brass/PercussionPiano/OrganHonor Choir/Voice) or a solo piece your teacher recommends. 

(Notes for Woodwind/Brass/Percussion only)
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Level 5-6: Play your etude and solo piece consecutively.
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Level 7-10: You may play your three current band excerpts as an alternative.
Scale & ArpeggioPlay the scale & arpeggio as fast as possible to demonstrate fluency in the key which your solo audition piece is written in before you perform it. If it is written in the minor key, play the melodic minor. If you have already recorded your solo piece video, send us a separate video of scale & arpeggio (to see a scale/arpeggio example, click StringsWoodwind/Brass/PercussionHonor Choir/Voice)

(Notes for all Woodwind/Brass/Percussion levels, Strings Level 10-12 & Piano/Organ only) 
Play a chromatic scale (ascending & descending).
Technique DemonstrationIf the piece or etude you perform does not include the techniques you would like to demonstrate, you can display them through playing a scale, a short etude (8-16 measures) or an orchestral excerpt.
Sheet Music PDFSubmit a PDF copy of your audition piece being performed, with measure numbers written at the beginning of each staff (if not printed) and markings like bowings, fingerings, articulations, breaths, musical expressions, interpretations etc., after scanning.

Please make multiple pages into one file. Suggested mobile app: Adobe Scan- Mobile PDF Scanner (https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/mobile/scanner-app.html). To make your existing scanned multiple pages into one file, visit https://www.ilovepdf.com/ and you can merge them here easily.
Audition Video Link Submit your shareable audition video links via Google Form after you upload it on YouTube. Click the link on Step 3 below to submit your audition link and PDF copy.
Alternative: You may upload your video to share on one of your preferred online cloud services like Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. with no expiration date or password.
MemoryMemory is not required but strongly recommended.
AccompanimentNo piano accompaniment required (optional).
No repeatNo repeat: Do not take a repeat.
Dress CodeYou are encouraged to wear your formal concert dress.
LengthIt depends on a concerto you selected. Suggested video length: 5 – 15 minutes

Step 2 (Upload): How do I upload my audition video and get a link on YouTube?

  • Sign in to YouTube (a parent can create an account at www.youtube.com)
  • Click “Upload”
  • You can choose the video privacy settings (“public” or “unlisted”)
  • Copy the shareable link (which is the URL address created when uploading)

Step 3 (Submit): How do I submit my audition video link and sheet music?

  • Submit your shareable audition video links via Google Forms after you upload it on YouTube. 

Alternative: You may upload your video to share on one of your preferred online cloud services like Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. with no expiration date, no password required, no download required, or no sign-in required to watch.

Submission Checklist:

  • Fill out your Online Audition Application Form (via Google Form)
  • Pay your audition fee by Venmo or Zelle
  • Submit your shareable video link and your sheet music PDF (via Google Forms)
  • Optional: You may send us your resume or supplementary materials to let us know more about you via Google Form.

Additional FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Click here to see the additional FAQ on Rehearsal Schedule, Timeline, Age Requirement, Returning Students, Auditions, Soloists, Google Forms, PDF Copy, Recommendation Letter, Supplemental Materials, Fee, Ticket Sale, Donation, Performance, Performing Ensembles, Dress Code, Piano Concerto Competition, etc.