Dress Code

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the attire/dress code for the rehearsal/performance?

A: Wear a free dress for rehearsals. Wear a formal concert dress as follows. Arrive dressed for the dress rehearsal.

  • Gentlemen
  • Top: White long-sleeve collared shirt with a black necktie (not a bowtie),
  • Bottom: Black dress pants
  • Socks: Black dress socks
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes (no sneakers; no white or light brown colored lines, no hat)

*Common mistakes: white socks, sneakers, short-sleeve shirt

  • Ladies
  • Top: White long-sleeve blouse (lace collar OK)
  • Bottom: Black floor-length skirt or dress pants (NO leggings style)
  • Stockings: Black dress stockings (no white stockings)
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes (no sandals)
  • Long Hair: Wear a hair band or hair pin if you have long hair.

*Common mistakes: light brown-color stockings, short skirt/blouse, short pants, ankle-length skirt, ankle-length pants, sneaker.

Send Us Your Concert Dress Photo

To ensure your child’s concert dress, please take a picture and upload it as follows:

  • Dress up, wearing your black socks/black shoes/black tie
  • Seating posture (seat on a ladder back chair; no wheels; standing posture for SATB singers)
  • From head to toe & along with your instrument
  • Take a picture with your iPhone/smartphone
  • Upload your photo via Dropbox: click here


Tailcoat Suit, Tuxedo, or Formal Concert Dress

Soloist Dress Code

Free-Colored Formal Concert Dress.

We recommend that you may Google or search for “Prom dresses.” In the past, a couple of specialty shops for concert dresses worked, but they have mostly merged into prom or wedding dress shops for guests. If you know a fashion designer, you may be able to customize a concert dress.

LAYP Concert Dress Code Photo

You may get one at your local stores or online.

Yes-No Example Photos

Long Sleeve

Floor Length


LAYPO’s Suggestions for a Long Hair Style

We need to do our best to serve the audience in a professional way as a selected performer to represent LAYP. Unless you wear a hair band/hairpin or do hairstyles like the example photos below,

  • your long hair may cover your instrument or
  • you may add unnecessary motions to remove your long hair from your shoulders or instrument or
  • your long hair may distract the musical concentration.

Concert Dress Company Website

The following company is NOT affiliated with LAYP. This information is for your reference only.

On this website, you may search:

For ladies

  • “Performance Knit Blouse”
  • “Floor Length Skirt”
  • “Palazzo Pants”

For Gentlemen

  • “White Dress Shirt”
  • “Comfort Fit Flat Front Dress Trousers”
  • “Comfort Fit Double Pleated Dress”
  • “Complete Outfit with Dress Pant/ White Dress Shirt”