Full Digital Concert Program 2022 Summer Concert


Part IOrchestra Festival
Ethan HamanOrgan Prelude
Dr. Brian Alhadeff, conductorLA Youth Philharmonic Honor Orchestra 1
Carl Maria von WeberJubilee Overture, Op. 59 (c. 4 min.)
Jacques Ibert
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (mvt. 1; c. 6 min.)
Vivian Lee, flute
Richard Wagner
Lohengrin Act 3 Prelude & Scene 1 (c. 5 min.)
Henri Wienkiawski
Scherzo- Tarantella in G Minor, Op. 16 (c. 6 min.)
Honor Frisco, violin
Ethan Haman, organOrgan Solo Spectacular
Mark ThallanderToccata on Hymn to Joy (c. 3 min.)
Dr. Amy Culligan
LA Youth Philharmonic Honor Orchestra 2
Felix Mendelssohn
arr. Vernon Leidig
Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony (c. 7 min.)
(Reformation – mvt. 4)
W. A. Mozart

Double Piano Concerto No. 10, K. 365 (mvt. 3; 9 min.)
Emma Tio, piano 1
Helaine Zhao, piano 2
Stephen HillMcBeth: Fanfare and Hymn (c. 5 min.)
Johann StraussRadetzky March, Op. 228 (c. 3 min.)
Intermission(c. 12 min.)
Ethan Haman Organ Interlude
Part IIChoir Festival
Dr. Jennifer Garrett,
Festival Chamber Singers
Bedrich Smetana
arr. Emily Ellsworth
The Bartered Bride (c. 3 min.)(Opening Chorus)
Traditional Spiritual
arr. Moses Hogan
The Battle of Jericho (c. 3 min.)
Festival Honor TrioIsabel Kim, violin
Chloé Frisco, cello
Landon Hellman, piano
Johannes Brahms
arr. Hitoshi Nakamura
Hungarian Dance No. 5 (c. 4 min.)
Dr. Amy Culligan
Festival Wind Choir
Johann Pachelbel
arr. Hyun J Hwang
Canon (c. 4 min.)
ed. Gene Chung
Georges Bizet
arr. C Woodhouse
March from “Carmen” (c. 3 min.)
ed. Gene Chung
Dr. Amy Culligan 
Festival Cello Choir
Paul McCartney
arr. Adam Liptak
Yesterday (c. 5 min.)
Giacomo Rossini
arr. David Andrew
William Tell Overture (c. 5 min.)
ed. Gene Chung
Dr. Brian Alhadeff
Festival Symphony & Honor Orchestra 1
Karl JenkinsChorale: Hymn (c. 5 min.)
Adam LiptakChoral Symphony (US premiere; c. 5 min.)
Ethan HamanOrgan Postlude

About the Music

Jubilee Overture: composed by Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826, Germany); Orchestration: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, timpani, and strings. SATB chorus added by composer Adam Liptak in Austria to the finale ‘God Save the King’

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra: composed by Jacques Ibert (1890-1962); Orchestration: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 1 trumpet, timpani, flute solo, & strings. If you feel comfortable with music in the classical period (Haydn-Mozart-Beethoven), the harmonies and chromatic passages may be a little strange.

Lohengrin: it is an opera composed by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). You may be familiar with these respective pieces: one is instrumental, the other is choral. You might rarely have a chance to listen to it as a connected one piece. Orchestration: 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3 bassoons, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, percussion (triangle, cymbals, tambourine), strings, 2 harps.

Scherzo-Tarantella: a scherzo, which means ‘joke,’ had been part of symphonic movements but gradually tended to be an independent piece. Tarantella is basically a dance. It is wonderful to see the composer combine ‘joke’ and ‘dance’ to be a one movement concert work. Henri Wieniawski (1835-1880, Poland)

Toccata on Hymn to Joy: arrangement by Mark Thallander, organist, based on the hymn tune “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”

Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony: It was commissioned to commemorate the Reformation by Martin Luther. SATB chorus added by composer Adam Liptak in Austria. This arrangement shines more than the original with its full orchestration including saxophones and percussion instruments.

Felix Mendelssohn was born to a family of prominent Jewish heritage. His parents converted to Christianity and Felix was baptized Lutheran. Felix Mendelssohn was a musical prodigy, and in addition to his prolific composing, he was also a strong advocate for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and was responsible for reviving the performance of many of his works, including the St. Matthew Passion. Despite his musical successes, Mendelssohn received persecution for his Jewish heritage throughout his 38 years of life. Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 5 (“The Reformation”) was commissioned to commemorate the Reformation of Martin Luther. Ill health created delays in finishing the work in a timely manner, and by the time he finished the symphony, it was too late for it to be included in the original celebration events for which it was intended. Mendelssohn originally called this work his “Symphony to Celebrate the Church Revolution,” but the name “Reformation,” later given by his sister Fanny Mendelssohn, has become the name that stuck. The piece features the prominent hymn of the Protestant Reformation, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” In this version, SATB chorus and a more full orchestra that includes saxophones and percussion has been added.  

Double Piano Concerto: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed this work in the late 1770’s while living in Salzburg. Although there is no performance record of this, it is thought that Mozart may have composed this work for him and his sister, Maria Anna Mozart “Nannerl”, to play the piano solo parts. The flourishing and beautiful solo piano parts are equal in prominence and difficulty. Mozart gave two performances in Vienna with his pupil, Josephine Auernhammer. playing the solo piano parts. Around this same time, Mozart composed another famous double concert, the Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola, K.364. The orchestration of the double piano concerto includes 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 pianos, and strings. 

McBeth: Fanfare & Hymn: Stephen Hill composed it for the graduation ceremonies of California High School, Whittier, CA. Both band and orchestra editions are available.

Program notes from the composer, Stephen Hill:  

This piece was composed for the California High School (Whittier) combined Band and Orchestra to perform as the 2014 Graduation Recessional. My colleague, Doug Nordquist, director of Bands at California High School, was informed that the Administration wanted to have a formal Recessional for the Graduation Ceremonies. Doug and I discussed several possible pieces in the established Band repertoire. With three weeks to go before Graduation, I took out my sketchbook where I write down musical themes and motifs and started to compose a recessional sketch. I sent the short sketch to Doug, and he immediately responded with his approval and asked if I could finish it in time. I completed the piece during two weekends, which then left one week for the Band and Orchestra to rehearse it for the upcoming Graduation. My cherished memory of the evening took place on the way back to the band room after the Graduation Ceremony. Walking near some of the students in the percussion section, I could overhear a few of them humming the “Hymn” tune. I consider having members of the percussion section humming music I had composed a very cool honor indeed. 

The piece begins with a short fanfare that moves into a lyrical hymn tune. The second tune propels the work forward, followed by a brief percussion break. The percussion break gives the members in that section, (the ones who usually end up standing around during Pomp and Circumstance) a chance to play something as they might find in a “Drum-line”. The piece returns to the beginning fanfare with a restatement of both tunes and eventually ending with a massive chordal statement that builds from the lower to the upper instruments in a timbre pyramid.  

The title, McBeth, is a tribute to my composition teacher, Dr. W. Francis McBeth. It was at Ouachita Baptist University that I received the personal attention of Dr. McBeth. He showed genuine interest in both my compositions for his class and in me. One memory took place in the hallway while I was on my way to class. Dr. McBeth came up to me and said, “Stephen, I was thinking about your piece last night, and I have an idea for it.” I was encouraged that he was thinking about my piece outside of class. He was a very kind teacher and friend. Being from California and going to school in Arkansas, I did not go home on weekends, so Dr. McBeth would often invite me to his house to visit with him. We would talk not just about music, but faith in God, purpose in life, and also about a love for fishing. We stayed in touch for over thirty years until his passing in 2012. 

Radetzky March: This concert, the students are challenged to play the original concert work (professional edition). The students might have played it with an easier edition. As it is a well-known piece, it will surely be music to the audience’s ears but the student performers might be a little nervous to play it the same way as professionals.

Johann Strauss, Sr. (1804-1849), father of the famous “Waltz King,” Johann Strauss, Jr., wrote Radetzky March in honor and dedication of Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz to commemorate the victory at the Battle of Custoza. Apprently, when Radetzky and his soldiers came back from their victory, they were singing the popular Viennese song, “Alter Tanz au Wien.” Although it is in ¾ time, Strauss incorporate this popular melody in 2/4 time in the trio section of this march. The Radetzky March has become a popular and widely performed work,  and it is often played by the Vienna Philharmonic as an encore piece.  

The Bartered Bride: Christmas in summer? As this opera’s plot starts at the Christmas season, this song reminds me of the seasonal atmosphere. It will be sung in Czech. Translation:

Why should we not be happy when to us Lord God health gives; Which of us knows on journey future, happy so if we’ll find.; And who is a married man and a married woman must do away with joy…

The Battle of Jericho: This SATB mixed choral a capella piece (unaccompanied; no piano) is one of the best known spiritual works by Moses Hogan (1957-2003, American composer) along with ‘Elijah Rock.’ Feel the spirit! Around 2003, he was scheduled to visit L.A. as a clinician but did not make it. His choral music visits all around the world.

Hungarian Dance No. 5: One of the 21 Hungarian Dances composed by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897, Germany) for orchestra. Arranged by Hitoshi Nakamura for piano trio (violin, cello, & piano)

March from “Carmen”: composed by Georges Bizet (1838-1875, France) as “Les Toreadors” the finale of Carmen Suite No. 1; arranged by Charles Woodhouse for an educational full orchestra and edited by me for a wind choir.

French composer, Georges Bizet, is probably best known for his opera, Carmen. The opera was so popular that melodies from the opera were turned into two suites for orchestra.  The opera opened in Paris in 1875, but the suites were published posthumously in 1882. “Les Toreadors” is from the finale of Carmen Suite No. 1. This version was arranged for an educational full orchestra and edited by Dr. Gene Chung for wind choir. 

Yesterday: a popular tune in 1970’s by Paul McCartney (The Beatles); arranged by Adam Liptak who lives in Vienna, Austria, for cello 1, 2, 3, & 4 (cello choir).

This popular tune from the 1970’s was written by Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Adam Lipta, who lives in Vienna, Austria, has provided this arrangement for 4-part cello choir. His arrangement provides balanced and challenging parts for all and features fresh rhythms and countermelodies to accompany the famous tune. The resonance and timbre of the cello lends itself particularly well to the lush melodic and harmonic sonorities of this timeless Beatles song. 

This overture was composed by the famous opera composer,  Gioachino Rossini. William Tell was Rossini’s last opera. “The overture was designed to present the day in the life of a Switzerland in revolt. The prelude, named, “Dawn, starts with a slow, solo passage for the cello. As the piece accelerates, it moves into the second part, “Storm,” with the entire orchestra now fully present…”(quoted from www.connollymusic.com). This version was arranged by David Andrew for an educational orchestra and edited by Dr. Gene Chung for a cello choir. This arrangement features the second part of the overture only.  The fast and galloping rhythms of the work requires advanced bow technique for the cellists. This tune has become famous and used in television and film, including its use as the “Lone Ranger” theme.  

William Tell Overture: composed by Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868, Italy). “The overture was designed to present the day in the life of a Switzerland in revolt. The prelude, named, “Dawn, starts with a slow, solo passage for the cello. As the piece accelerates, it moves into the second part, “Storm,” with the entire orchestra now fully present…”(quoted from www.connollymusic.com); arranged by David Andrew for an educational orchestra & edited by me for a cello choir. The second part only will be heard.

Chorale: Hymn from Symphonic Adiemus: “Symphonic Adiemus presents twelve numbers from the Adiemus series in dynamic new scorings for SATB choir and full symphony orchestra. Since it was first heard in 1994, Adiemus has captured the imagination of music lovers worldwide thanks to its unique combination of classical principales with the flavours of world and ethnic music.” (quoted from the publisher Boosey & Hawkes).

Choral Symphony: commissioned by LAYP, Adam Liptak (Hungarian composer who currently resides in Vienna, Austria) composed his Choral Symphony based on the Hymn “Christ the LORD Is Risen Today” from Lyra Davidica and Text by Charles Wesley. The part II of the symphony only will be heard in this concert. We are still in the progress to overcome the COVID-19 challenges but “Nothing can stop our creative flow of performing arts” as this message was shared by Dr. Brian Alhadeff in 2020 Virtual Summer Concert. (Program notes by Dr. Gene Chung & Dr. Amy Culligan)

About the Invited Ensembles & Soloists

Honor Orchestra 1

Dr. Brian Alhadeff, conductor

Hailed by 805 Living magazine as the Maestro of the Central Coast, Dr. Brian Asher Alhadeff is Principal Conductor of State Street Ballet and Civic Ballet San Luis Obispo. He has been Artistic and General Director of Opera San Luis Obispo since 2011, and is also the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Lompoc Pops Orchestra. An internationally celebrated conductor, Alhadeff was Artistic Director and founder of the Hradec Kralove International Summer Opera Festival, and also conducted the Albanian premier of Howard Hanson’s Symphony No. 2 with the Albanian National Radio and Television Orchestra. Guest conducting highlights include Tulsa Ballet, Ballet Tucson, Bourgas Opera Ballet, and Prague State Opera Ballet, in addition to orchestras and opera companies throughout the U.S. and Europe. Alhadeff studied conducting at the Peabody Conservatory and Janacek Academy of Music. A California native, Alhadeff holds a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University, Masters of Music from California State University of Los Angeles, and Doctorate of Musical Arts from UCLA.

Violin 1HonorFrisco11Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Violin 1LeannaTamura11Newport Harbor HS
Violin 1WonyoungSong11Northwood HS
Violin 1IsabelKim10The Webb Schools
Violin 1EdwinNoh10Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 1JacobKwon10North Hollywood HS (late audition)
Violin 1AllisonYu9Palos Verdes HS
Violin 1AlexWang9Oxford Academy
Violin 1LilyBingham9La Canada HS
Violin 1JaynieLee7Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 1TielorTungcollegeSwarthmore College
Violin 1HannahZhao12Orange County School of the Arts/Northwestern University
Violin 2EmilyStephens12Homeschooled/ Northern Kentucky University
Violin 2KateJohnson11Woodrow Wilson HS
Violin 2JoshuaChien11John A Rowland HS
Violin 2ColbyZhang11Diamond Bar HS
Violin 2GeeyouLee10South Pasadena HS (late audition)
Violin 2HenrySullivan9Santa Monica HS
Violin 2IsabelleLee9New Covenant Academy
Violin 2eJennHuang9Orion International Academy
Violin 2AydenKim8Thomas Starr King MS
Violin 2AudreyYoon8Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 2MadisonKe8Ridgecrest Intermediate School
Violin 1JulianRife8Eagle Rock HS Highly Gifted Magnet
Violin 2DongheeKim8Walter Reed MS
Violin 2SylvieKim6Stonegate ES
Violin 2John YoosungLeecollegeUCLA
ViolaElizabethHan10Woodbridge High School
ViolaSuminCho9Orange County School of the Arts
ViolaSerenaChin9Acadia High School
ViolaArinKim9Westridge School for Girls
ViolaCarolineCho9Arnold O. Beckman High School
ViolaHollyAttarpro musician
CelloAnnabelleSu12Redlands HS
CelloMadeleineKim11Portola HS
CelloAudreyStanton11Redlands East Valley HS
CelloDavidZheng11Corona del Mar HS
CelloVedaHingarh11Academy of the Canyons
CelloEdwardMoon9Granada Hills Charter HS
CelloJacobChen9Troy HS
CelloColetteYerrid8Larchmont Charter School
CelloCharleneWoo8Laurel Springs, The Academay
CelloJamieChen8Corona del Mar MS
CelloSophieLu8Suzanne MS
CelloAnniTian7Lone Hill MS
CelloJustinBaek7Palos Verdes Intermediate School
CelloMelissaYoungcollegeNorthern Kentucky University
Double BassJasonDodoo11Flintridge Preparatory School
Double BassJoshuaCua10Orange County School of the Arts
Double BassRyanBairdpro musican
Double BassNickLeonardpro musican
Harp 1JoylynnLee10Mira Costa HS
Harp 2LydiaAluko10Stanford Online HS
Flute 1 VivianLee11Troy HS
Flute 1 (principal)EricaChan9West Ranch HS
Flute 2JaniceYoon10Orange County School of the Arts
Flute 2 & PiccoloAngelaWang8South Pointe MS
Oboe 1LauraArganbrightpro musician
Oboe 2KimFoskettpro musician
Clarinet 1 (principal)BradyAhn9Chaminade College Prep
Clarinet 1KatherineShinogi9Orange County School of the Arts
Clarinet 2OliviaKao9Palos Verdes HS
Clarinet 2 KaylaTran12Saugus HS (late audition)
Bassoon 1ZacharyPiesner10Calabasas HS
Bassoon 2JakeDeVault10Orange County School of the Arts
French Horn 1AdrianDunkerpro musician
French Horn 2MattOttopro musician
French Horn 3JoeyLi11Rancho Cucamonga HS
French Horn 4CayleeRubio8East Whittier MS
Trumpet 1EllenShinoglepro musician
Trumpet 2JoshuaTian10Arnold O Beckman HS
Trumpet 3NathanJohnsonpro musician
Trombone 1RoseDoylemasonpro musician
Trombone 2AidanRitchiepro musician
TimpaniHelaineZhao10Orange County School of the Arts
Percussion 1JoeyMuskatpro musician
Percussion 2Tyler Stellpro musician
TimpaniHelaineZhao10Orange County School of the Arts
Percussion 1JoeMuskatpro musician
Percussion 3TylerStellpro musician

Honor Orchestra 2

Dr. Amy Gillingham Culligan, conductor

Dr. Amy Gillingham Culligan is a cellist, conductor, director, educator, and arts advocate dedicated to leveraging her roles to advance, empower, and inspire others through music. She holds the Corbett Endowed Principal of Strings distinction at Northern Kentucky University where she serves as Assistant Professor of Strings (Cello) and Director of Orchestras.

Dr. Culligan has performed throughout North America, South America, and Europe. With a passion for recording and collaboration, she has internationally distributed recordings with labels including Sony Entertainment, Mark Records, Universal Music Group, Crossroads Music Group, and Legend. She enjoys working amongst a diversity of music styles and artists, including eighth blackbird, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Rayne Johnson, Michael W. Smith, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Josh Groban, and Lecrae.

Dr. Culligan’s charismatic and inventive approach to orchestra has taken her on tours across Ireland, a feature at the international BLINK Festival, and a documentary piece on PBS. She is the recipient of over $200,000 in grant award for creative projects, outreach initiatives, and music education programs. She has received regional and national awards for her teaching, service, and creativity from organizations including American String Teachers Association, Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection, Northern Kentucky University, American Celebration of Music in Ireland, and the National Association for Leadership and Success.

Dr. Culligan holds D.M.A. and M.M. degrees from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and a B.M. degree from North Carolina School of the Arts. She previously held faculty positions at Indiana Wesleyan University and University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Violin 1AdyenKim8Thomas Starr King MS
Violin 1AudreyYoon8Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 1DongheeKim8Walter Reed MS
Violin 1MadisonKe8Ridgecrest Intermediate School
Violin 1JulianRife8Eagle Rock HS Highly Gifted Magnet
Violin 1JaynieLee7Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 1SylvieKim6Stonegate ES
Violin 1JonathanHuang6Suzanne MS
Violin 1JulianYoon6Brywood ES
Violin 1ChloeTsang6Richardson MS
Violin 1LiamThomas4Royal Cedar Academy
Violin 1HannahZhao12Orange County School of the Arts
Violin 1EmilyStephens12Homeschooled/ Northern Kentucky University
Violin 1WonyoungSong11Northwood HS
Violin 1LeannaTamura11Newport Harbor HS
Violin 1JoshuaChien11John A Rowland HS
Violin 1ColbyZhang11Diamond Bar HS
Violin 1KielorTungcollegeSwarthmore College
Violin 2DanielBaek8Dana MS
Violin 2UlyssesCano8Granada MS
Violin 2NoahLee8Yorba Linda MS
Violin 2JosefineHendarman8Oaks Christian MS
Violin 2AllieKim8Lexington Jr HS (late audition)
Violin 2SavannahAvila7Ramona MS
Violin 2TaylorYun7Pasaadena Christian School
Violin 2CambriaHu7Manhattan Beach MS
Violin 2JosephKim6Walter Reed MS
Violin 2LilianHoshino6A E Wright MS
Violin 2CadenceChan6Mayfield Junior School
Violin 2GrantJensen6Lincoln MS
Violin 2LaurenPoplock6Polytechnic School (Pasadena)
Violin 2NoahLiao6Calle Mayor MS
Violin 2AidenHan6Golden ES
Violin 2KaylaOw5Pasadena Christian School
Violin 2KateMasuda5San Gabriel Christian School
Violin 2AmeliaWu5The Leaning Castle/La Canada Preparatory
Violin 2KateMasuda5San Gabriel Christian School
Violin 2PriscillaMiao4Monterey Highland Elementary School
Violin 2VivienneWu3The Learning Castle/La Canada Preparatory
Violin 2AvyTsang3Walteria ES
Violin 2KateJohnson11Woodrow Wilson HS
Violin 2IsabelleLee9New Covenant Academy
Violin 2eJennHuang9Orion International Academy
Violin 2HenrySullivan9Santa Monica High School
Violin 2John YoosungLeecollegeUCLA
ViolaAmelleNguyen8Lakeside MS
ViolaEthanSaldana7Pasadena Christian School
ViolaLeonoraVukovitz5River Oaks Academy Charter
ViolaHollyAttarpro musician
CelloMatthewWu8Jefferson MS
CelloEllaJeon8Harvard-Westlake School
CelloAidanJunius8Day Creek Intermediate School
CelloSunHan8Rosemont MS
CelloDonnaLee8Immaculate Heart MS
CelloDianaWu8Sage Hill School
CelloRyanKwan7Pasadena Christian School
CelloReeseZhang7Manhattan Beach MS
CelloPhillipLee7Calle Mayor MS
CelloAlexisLeo7Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School
CelloQiqiZheng7Corona del Mar MS
CelloJoeyZhou6Harbor Day School
CelloJaelynKim5Larchmont Charter School – Selma
CelloSharonKim5Marengo Elementary School
CelloCalebLee4Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
CelloOzziePringle4El Rio Community School
CelloWinstonAhn4Country Springs Elementary School
CelloIsabellaCook4Highland Oaks Elementary School
CelloEamonQuinian3Mirman School
CelloJacobLiao3Joseph Aarnold Elementary School
Double BassJasonDodoo11Flintridge Preparatory School
Double BassJoshuaCua10Orange County School of the Arts
Double BassRyanBairdpro musician
Double BassNickLeonardpro musician
Harp 1JoylynnLee10Mira Costa HS
Harp 2LydiaAluko10Stanford Online HS
Flute 1 (principal)AngelaWang8South Pointe MS
Flute 1VivianLee11Troy HS
Flute 1AudreyTang8Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School
Flute 2ErinLiao8Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School
Flute 2EricaChan9West Ranch HS
PiccoloJaniceYoon10Orange County School of the Arts
Oboe 1LauraArganbrightpro musician
Oboe 2KimFoskettpro musician
Clarinet 1 (principal)KaylaTran12Saugus HS (late audition)
Clarinet 1BradyAhn9Chaminade College Prep
Clarinet 2KatherineShinogi9Orange County School of the Arts
Clarinet 2OliviaKao9Palos Verdes HS
Alto Sax.CooperYoo9Torrey Pines HS
Alto Sax.RileyYoshimura9South Pasadena HS
Bassoon 1ZacharyPiesner10Calabasas HS
Bassoon 2JakeDeVault10Orange County School of the Arts
Horn 1JoeyLi11Rancho Cucamonga HS
Horn 2AdrianDunkerpro musician
Horn 3MattOttopro musician
Horn 4CayleeRubio8East Whittier MS
Trumpet 1 EllenShinoglepro musician
Trumpet 1JoshuaTian10Arnold O Beckman HS
Trumpet 2 NathanJonathanpro musician
Trumpet 2JamesWall8Walter Reed MS – IHP
Trumpet 3AdamTrujillo8Heights Christian School (Bluefield Campus)
Trombone 1RoseDoylemasonpro musician
Trombone 2AidanRitchiepro musician
TimpaniHelaineZhao10Orange County School of the Arts
Percussion 1JoeMuskatpro musician
Percussion 2OliviaYun5Pasadena Christian School
Percussion 3TylerStellpro musician
PianoLandonHellman11Dos Pueblos HS

Chamber Singers & Symphony Chorus

Dr. Jennifer Garrett, conductor

Dr. Jennifer M. Garrett is a conductor, educator, pianist, and lecturer. Dr. Garrett serves as the Director of Choral and Vocal Studies at Bakersfield College. She conducts the Chamber Singers, College Choir, Renegade Chorus, and founded the first treble chorus at Bakersfield College which will begin in the Fall of 2022. Dr. Garrett oversees the Applied Vocal Music Program and usually serves as the musical director for the BC summer musicals. Under her direction and with the help of colleagues, the Applied Music program has grown from 20 total students into 85 voice, classical instrumental, and jazz majors. Dr. Garrett has conducted the BC Chamber Singers in numerous international venues some of which include, the Pantheon and other historic Italian sites, the Sydney Opera House, and will direct the choir in various locations including St. Thomas Church in Vienna, Prague, and Berlin in June of 2023. The Chamber Singers were selected to perform at several conferences including the 2018 and 2020 California All-State Music Educators Conferences. Following the 2020 CASMEC performance the Chamber Singers received an invitation to perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall which will take place in July of 2023.

Dr. Garrett enjoys traveling to various destinations as a sought-after guest conductor, clinician, and motivational speaker. Locally, she devotes a great deal of time to building choral music in the Central Valley. Each school year she works closely with each high school choir and brings in guest clinicians for festivals to develop the skills of the students and directors. Dr. Garrett also works with local directors to create opportunities for collaboration amongst the various choral and orchestral ensembles in Bakersfield. In 2019 Dr. Garrett and two colleagues created the Kern County International Youth Choir to provide opportunities for international travel to high school students in an economically challenged area. Dr. Garrett also possesses a passion for local church and community choirs. In addition to conducting a church choir, consisting of children through older adults, she also brings various church choirs together to sing for church conferences several times each year. Dr. Garrett co-founded and directed the Bakersfield Deseret Chorale and now serves as the new Artistic Director of the Bakersfield Master Chorale, the largest and oldest community choir in Bakersfield. 

Before joining the faculty at Bakersfield College Dr. Garrett conducted the 95-voice Arizona State University Women’s Chorus. She also served as Music Director of the Arizona Deseret Chorale, a long-standing community chorus located in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to ASU she worked with choirs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and taught high school choir in Heber City, Utah. 

In 2018 Dr. Garrett was honored to receive the Bakersfield College Samuel W. McCall Outstanding Professor of the Year Award. Other accolades include Choral Educator of the Year, Collegiate Music Educator of the Year, Bakersfield College President’s Leadership Award, and several nominations for a Grammy Music Educator Award. Dr. Garrett serves as the California Choral Directors Association Choral Representative for the Central Region, the Northern California Choral Representative for the Music Association of California Community Colleges and participated in the National Collegiate Choral Organization Review Committee for many years.

Dr. Garrett is a native of Washington state and received a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Brigham Young University, a masters in Choral Conducting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a doctorate in Choral Conducting from Arizona State University. She currently lives in Bakersfield with her husband and three delightful daughters. 

Soprano AmandaIsaacgraduateBakersfield High School
Soprano RuihanPeng11Chino Hills High School
Soprano LenaMagana11North High School
Soprano JennaGonzales-Ramos11Bakersfield High School
SopranoSophieO’Shea10Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Soprano LeelaWainio10The Bishop’s School
Soprano JeanelleWu10Yorba Linda High School
Soprano MenghanTang10Sierra Vista High School
Soprano LilySumida10Newbury Park High School
Soprano EmmaBarnes10Bakersfield High School
Soprano SarahMartellino9Providence High School
Soprano MollieChou9Claremont High School
Soprano AnnabelDillon8Rosemont Middle School
Soprano AbigailGarrett8Garrett Girls Academy
Soprano NilaFox7Orange County School of Arts
Soprano JoelleKim7Oxford Academy
SopranoLuciaCong8Sierra Vista Middle School
Soprano Dr. GloriaAhnpro singerVocielesti Choir Director
Soprano KimberlyWaggonerN/AN/A
Soprano KyaHaner11North High School
Soprano TaraHanerN/AN/A
Soprano JasminePowellN/AN/A
Soprano ItzeGarciaN/ABakersfield College
Soprano SherryWadeN/ABakersfield Master Chorale
Soprano DeniseCastroN/AN/A
Soprano AmberEliasonCollegeBakersfield College
Soprano JulieSohnadultVocielesti Choir
Soprano Hwa MeeParkadultVocielesti Choir
Soprano Myung HeeLeeadultVocielesti Choir
Soprano KyungChypro singerVocielesti Choir
Soprano PennyKimadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano Kyung-HeeLeeadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano Hyun-SookAhnadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano Kyung-SoonKimadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano DeborahYooadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano Jung-HeeChoadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano VeronicaHwangadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
Soprano KatieVillarrealN/AN/A
Soprano JuliaMaloneN/ABakersfield College
AltoKrystalGrant11North High School
AltoAvaHenderson11El Dorado High School
AltoJenniferXiao10The Bishop’s School
AltoHeatherBreckow9Crescenta Valley High School
AltoElinaGhosh7Rio Norte Junior High
AltoEli-MilesChang6Fulton Middle School
AltoAudreyBoyleadultBakersfield Master Chorale
AltoKandisPeakeadultBakersfield Master Chorale
AltoKatherineKiousesadultBakersfield College
AltoAraChoadultVocielesti Choir
AltoElenaBakersophomoreBakersfield College
AltoGabrielleMcDuffadultBakersfield College
AltoCharleneSargentadultBakersfield Master Chorale
TenorJacobNamkoongadultLA Chamber Choir
TenorBruceWadeN/ABakersfield Master Chorale
TenorSteveDiazN/ABakersfield College
TenorJamesGardnerCollegeBakersfield College
TenorHwaShinadultVocielesti Choir
TenorSoo-YoungKimadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
TenorSung-KiLeeadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
TenorMasonEdwardsadultBakersfield College
TenorIvan DarioVielmaadultBakersfield College
TenorTylerHartsophomoreBakersfield College
TenorBraedenAddisoncollegeBakersfield College
TenorJoshuaForqueraN/ABakersfield College
BassDanielIllingworth12Diamond Bar HS
BassJakeXiang9Walnut HS
BassKenBuxtonadultBakersfield Master Chorale
BassCavellKiouses DiazFreshmanBakersfield College
BassEmilioLopez FelixCollege SeniorN/A
BassKihoSohnadultVocielesti Choir
BassJosephLeeadultCommunity Choir in Koreatown
BassAilanReyesfreshmanBakersfield College
BassNeimanMcDuffadultBakersfield College
BassZacharyColby11El Dorado High School
BassMateusTerenziadultEl Dorado High School

Wind Choir

Flute ChoirFlute 1VivianLee11Troy HS
Flute 1CrystalZhang11Westridge School for Girls
Flute 1DennisPapazyan11Palisades Charter HS (late audition)
Flute 1EileenZhang10Newbury Park HS
Flute 1JaniceYoon10Orange County School of the Arts
Flute 1EricaChan9West Ranch HS
Flute 1AudreyTang8Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School
Flute 1ErinLiao8Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School
Flute 1AngelaWang8South Pointe MS
Flute 2SkyNg11Temple City HS
Flute 2JulieChen11Arcadia HS
Flute 2SeanLee11Cerritos HS
Flute 2ValerieSmith10Crescenta Valley HS (late audition)
Flute 2JoleeKuo9Arcadia HS
Flute 2YerinOh9Ruben S Ayala HS
Flute 2EstherSong9Westlake HS
Flute 2SarahBonk8Flintridge Preparatory School
Flute 2CatherineZhu8First Avenue MS
Flute 2IsabelleWhiting8South Pasadena MS
Flute 2ChloePark4Heritage Oak Private School
Clarinet ChoirClarinet 1KaylaTran12Saugus HS (late audition)
Clarinet 1YvonneMartinez12California High School (late audition)
Clarinet 1NatalieLee12Arcadia HS (late audition)
Lead Clarinet 1BradyAhn9Chaminade College Prep
Lead Clarinet 1KatherineShinogi9Orange County School of the Arts
Lead Clarinet 2OliviaKao9Palos Verdes HS
Clarient 2HannahLee11La Serna HS (late audition)
Clarinet 2JeonghoonKang8Sycamore Canyon MS (late audition)
Clarinet 2RyanChoi6Thurgood Marshall MS (late audition)
Saxophone ChoirAlto Sax.CooperYoo9Torrey Pines HS
Alto Sax.RileyYoshimura9South Pasadena HS
BassoonBassoon 1ZacharyPiesner10Calabasas HS
Bassoon 2JakeDeVault10Orange County School of the Arts
HarpHarp 1JoylynnLee10Mira Costa HS
Harp 2LydiaAluko10Stanford Online HS
Brass ChoirFrench HornJoeyLi11Rancho Cucamonga HS
French HornCayleeRubio8East Whittier MS
French HornAdrianDunkerpro musician
French HornMattOttopro musician
TrumpetJoshuaTian10Arnold O Beckman HS
TrumpetJamesWall8Walter Reed MS – IHP
TrumpetAdamTrujillo8Heights Christian School (Bluefield Campus)
TrumpetEllenShinoglepro musician
TrumpetNathanJonathanpro musician
TromboneRoseDoylemasonpro musician
TromboneAidanRitchiepro musician
StringsDouble BassJoshuaCua10Orange County School of the Arts

Cello Choir

Cello 1MadeleineKim11Portola HS
Cello 1AudreyStanton11Redlands East Valley HS
Cello 1DavidZheng11Corona del Mar HS
Cello 1AnniTian7Lone Hill MS
Cello 1ChloéFrisco7Palos Verdes Intermediate School
Cello 1JustinBaek7Palos Verdes Intermediate School
CelloMelissaYoungcollegeNorthern Kentucky University
Cello 2AnnabelleSu12Redlands HS
Cello 2AnnaStephens12Homeschooled
Cello 2RichemondShin11Homeschooled
Cello 2EdwardMoon9Granada Hills Charter HS
Cello 2JacobChen9Troy HS
Cello 2ColetteYerrid8Larchmont Charter School
Cello 2CharleneWoo8Laurel Springs, The Academay
Cello 2JamieChen8Corona del Mar MS
Cello 2DianaWu8Sage Hill School
Cello 3VedaHingarh11Academy of the Canyons
Cello 3SophieLu8Suzanne MS
Cello 3MatthewWu8Jefferson MS
Cello 3EllaJeon8Harvard-Westlake School
Cello 3ReeseZhang7Manhattan Beach MS
Cello 3Phillip WoojinLee7Calle Mayor MS
Cello 3QiqiZheng7Corona del Mar MS
Cello 3SharonKim5Marengo ES
Cello 3JacobLiao3Joseph Arnold ES
Cello 4AidanJunius8Day Creek Intermediate School
Cello 4SunHan8Rosement MS
Cello 4DonnaLee8Immaculate Hear MS
Cello 4RyanKwan7Pasadena Christian School
Cello 4AlexisLeo7Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School
Cello 4NicholasSmith7Pasadena Christian School
Cello 4JoeyZhou6Harbor Day School
Cello 4JaelynKim5Larchmont Charter – Selma
Cello 4OzziePringle4El Rio Community School
Cello 4WinstonAhn4County Springs ES
Cello 4CalebLee4Benjamin Franklin ES
Cello 4IsabellaCook4Highland Oaks ES
Cello 4EamonQuinian3Mirman School

Festival Trio

ViolinIsabelKim10The Webb Schools
CelloChloéFrisco7Palos Verdes Intermediate School
PianoLandonHellman11Dos Pueblos HS

Click here for the soloists’ full story

Featured Soloists: Concerto Competition Winners

ViolinHonorFrisco11Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
FluteVivianLee11Troy High School
PianoEmmaTio11Los Angeles County High School of the Arts
PianoHelaineZhao10Orange County School of the Arts

Recognition & Thanks


LA County Department of Arts and Culture, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, Charles Wesley Ministries

Individual Contributors:

Parents of Joelle Kim$200.00
Parents of Donghee Kim$100.00
Parents of Amelia & Vivienne Wu$500.00
Parents of Lily Sumida$500.00
Parents of James Wall$200.00
Parents of Geeyou Lee$300.00
Parents of Lilian Hoshino$100.00
Parents of Leonora Vukovitz$100.00
Parents of Sylvie Kim$100.00
Parents of Daniel Kim$200.00
Parents of Kayla Ow$100.00
Parents of Isabelle Lee$700.00
Parents of Liam Thomas$150.00
Parents of Caylee Rubio$100.00
Parents of Sharon Kim$100.00
Parents of Jeanelle Wu$200.00
Parents of Timothy Mullahey$300.00
Parents of Serena Chin$100.00
Parents of Jennifer Xiao$100.00
Parents of Joshua Tian$200.00
Parents of Ethan Saldana$1,000.00
Parents of Helaine Zhao$200.00
Parents of Lydia Aluko$200.00
Parents of Justin Baek$100.00
Parents of Daniel Baek$100.00
Parents of Charlene Woo$500.00
Parents of Ayden Kim$200.00
Parents of Madison Ke$100.00
Parents of Sarah Bonk$100.00
Parents of Edwin Noh$100.00
Parents of Audrey & Julian$100.00
Parents of Jaynie Lee$100.00
Parents of Allie Kim$100.00
Parents of Erica Chan$100.00
Parents of Jake DeVault$100.00
Parents of Jason Dodoo$300.00
Parents of Isabella Cook$250.00
Parents of Kate Sumida$100.00
Parents of Ryan Kwan$100.00
Parents of Arin Kim$1,000.00

Thanks to:


Bakersfield Master Chorale, Bakersfield College Chamber Singers, Vocielesti Choir, HUFS Chorale, Pasadena Christian School, Holliston United Methodist Church 

In-Kind Donation:

  • Dr. Gloria Chung-Ahn (conducting)
  • Kielor Tung (conducting intern)
  • Yoosung Lee (conducting intern)
  • John Ahn (Photographer)
  • Parent Volunteers: Jessie Liu, Kesha Martin, Yeon Cho, Monica Noh, Rica Rodriguez, Sharon Ow, Joy Tran, Kelly Yang, Sarah An, Donna Glassford