Summer Rehearsal Schedule

2023 Summer Rehearsal Schedule

Online Rehearsals (Instrumental)

Additional/Optional/Alternative Rehearsals (In-Person)

RSVP for Optional/Alternative Rehearsals

SATB Chamber Singers & Symphony Chorus

Fri 7/7 Tutti Rehearsal (All Group In-Person Rehearsal)

Sat 7/8 Concert Day Dress Rehearsal (All Group In-Person Rehearsal)

All-In-One Rehearsal Schedule

Reminder & Update:


  • Rehearsal 1-2-3
    • Orchestra & Band: Online Rehearsal 1-2-3
    • SATB Singers & Symphony Chorus: In-Person Rehearsal 1-2-3
  • Tutti Rehearsal
  • Concert Day Dress Rehearsal


  • Additional/Optional/Alternative In-Person Rehearsals

*If you have time conflicts with the rehearsal 1-2-3 above, you can customize/set up three rehearsals from the in-person rehearsal options at your convenience, or you need to contact us to arrange a make-up rehearsal on other days or watch the recorded rehearsal videos.

*These optional/alternative in-person rehearsals will go on with NO extra cost.

Highly Recommended:

  • Additional/Optional/Alternative In-Person Rehearsals

*You are highly recommended to maximize our additional/optional/alternative in-person rehearsals as your full summer season program if available.