Timeline for Soloists

General Timeline

  • September – October: summer concert date penciled
  • November 30: audition application opens
  • December 23: audition video submission deadline (piano & early)
  • January 1 – 15: Piano Concerto Competition/early results notified via email
  • March 31: audition video submission deadline for orchestra | band | choir
  • April 1 – 15: audition results for orchestra | band | choir notified via email
  • May 1 – June 30: music sent to the selected performers
  • June – July: the selected performers individually rehearse and prepare

Timeline for Nominated Soloists

Aug. 15Nominated soloists submit potential solo pieces via CMS Google Form
Jan. –
Qualified soloists will be announced via CMS newsletter or email
April 15Soloists’ Practice Video Submission Due 1 for Summer Concert
-Wear your formal concert soloist dress (free color)
-Memory is not required
June 1Soloists’ Practice Video Submission Due 2 for Summer Concert
-Wear your formal concert soloist dress (free color)
-Memory is not required but recommended
June 15Soloists’ Essay & Headshot Photo Due
July 1Soloists’ Practice Video Submission Due 3 for Summer Summer Concert
-Wear your formal concert soloist dress (free color)
-Memory is required


  1. The nominated soloists will become the finalists by completing all the required video submissions, official rehearsals (see this past year’s schedule, Rehearsal Rule, & make-ups) and extra rehearsals (TBA).
  2. If the due dates to submit your practice videos or any part of this timeline have conflicts with your school/community orchestra/choir concerts, exams, competitions, camps, workshops, family events, or any other engagements, you need to contact us to reschedule them.
  3. The official rehearsal schedule, Rehearsal Rule, & make-ups will be announced later

CMS Engagement & Expectation

Nominated Soloists: You are qualified & highly encouraged to register for CMS 1-2-3 as a soloist in preparation of 2024 Summer Concert. This opportunity will help you develop and deepen your concert repertoire, as well as enhance your performing arts experience and skills.

  • Actively participate in CMS
  • Study your instrument every day, including challenging scales, etudes, & pieces.

Soloist Essay Guideline: click here


Conductor Score Link: download & print out

Abridged editionwill be provided

Soundtrack Link: download & save on your device to listen everyday

Reference Soundtrackwill be provided

Soloist Dress Code Link:

LAYP Dress Codehttps://layouthphilharmonic.com/dress-code/
Soloist Dress Example Photoshttps://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/0rdfmlu5py2bu7g7r2il9/h?dl=0&rlkey=noelikgujf6xys1xmmg3dh0tq


Q: What is the typical duration of a concerto for a soloist?

A: The typical duration of a concerto for a soloist usually falls within the range of 3 to 7 minutes. If your concerto exceeds this timeframe, it is recommended to discuss the possibility of making cuts or abridgments with your private teacher. In some cases, the LAYP commissioned composers may also be willing to abridge longer concertos to fit within the standard 3-7 minute range.

Here are the example videos: