Virtual Youth Orchestra: online youth orchestra project

This virtual orchestra program was created to offer music students performing opportunities and allow continued development through live performance during state mandated “stay-at-home” quarantines.

1,990 video clips were edited, and resources were shared with 6,899 K-12 music teachers across the country.

Photo: Screenshot from Virtual Summer Concert 2021 Video Clips

Click here to watch our full-length virtual concert 3

Photo: Screenshot from Virtual Christmas Concert 2020 Video Clips

Click here to watch our full-length virtual concert 2

Photo: Screenshot from Virtual Summer Concert 2020 Video Clips

Click here to watch our full-length virtual concert 1


Nationwide Responses:

Thank you for sharing all this information. Congratulations to you and your orchestra on this musical (and digital) excellence!

Thank you! This is very interesting and I’m so impressed with your initiative! I’m working hard with my university singers to keep things moving this semester in an all-virtual format. It’s very challenging. We have two virtual projects we are doing together this semester.

Thank you so much for this!!! What a wonderful collection of resources. I am looking forward to sharing them with my kids. 

Thank you for sharing!  I find this really useful and inspiring!  

Could you please explain the format of your rehearsals?  How were you able to rehearse online?

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate the resources.

Awesome, thanks for sharing! Did you edit that in Adobe Premiere? 

Thanks for sharing this. Were you involved in the actual production of these videos? The sound or video editing? 

Thank you for your email. Did you get copyright clearance for some of these arrangements before you made these? I just want to make sure that these are copyright cleared before I can share these. Regarding copyright issues:  you need to reach out to the publishers/content developers and receive written permission with detailed information. For example, you need to communicate that you are making a virtual ensemble that will be shown on YouTube or other means and get a detailed permission from the person who is authorized to give such permissions. 


Wow! This is awesome! The groups sound great. Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you for sharing. I am going through some of the same steps. Looking forward to watching your videos!

Hello Dr.Chung: I am a music education student at University of the Pacific. I was very interested in how rehearsals are run and the progress you made with virtual ensembles. I was wondering if it would be possible to see the whole rehearsal, and if I could also share this information with my peers. We are trying to gain as much insight on virtual teaching as possible before going into our fieldwork settings.

My goodness – This is an amazing treasure chest of resources that you shared. Congratulations on your success with your virtual concert. I greatly appreciate your generosity by sharing your resources. These are so helpful during these COVID challenges.

Thank you for thinking “beyond your despair!”

I was “wowed” by all you did!!!

Resources shared with music educators:

  • (01) Overview- Virtual Concert
  • (02) Reference Soundtrack Links (guide/backing/click track)
  • (03) Rehearsal Schedule 2020 orchestra
  • (04) Rehearsal Schedule 2020 choir
  • (05) Set-up Guideline for a Virtual Orchestra
  • (06) FAQ – Virtual Concert
  • (07) Dress Code – orchestra et al
  • (08) Music Binder- orchestra
  • (10) Video- Three Step Process
  • (11) Instructional Video Links
  • (20) Concert Program- Virtual Summer Concert
  • (21) Edited Videos Links
  • (31) My Virtual Ensemble Experience: Presentation

If you want to receive the resources, please email us