Set-Up Guideline for Online Rehearsals

How Do I Set Up?

Music StandInstrument (centered)Camera
Slightly on your leftviolin/viola/bassoon/saxophone
Slightly on your right
In front of youflute/oboe/clarinet/
In front of you
Slightly on your rightcello/double bass
Slightly on your left
*Harp-camera slightly on your left; piano- camera either right or left; organ- various
  • Distance from the device: with your camera being close enough to capture your instrument and face in “landscape” mode.
  • Earphones or headphones: Because your instrument’s sound volume is louder than a computer speaker’s, you need an earphone so that you can play your instrument and listen to the reference soundtrack at the same time. Siblings are encouraged to have their own device respectively. Wearing earbuds is okay.
  • Experiences during Zoom meetings: Apple computer works best; recent iPad or iPhone works better; Dell computer works well; Chromebook works poorly (video interrupted & audio noise). If you plan to purchase a new device, consider a camera-built-in laptop computer.

Where Do I Get Accessories?

  • Music stand (please get a high quality one): click below to purchase online

Zoom Link

Zoom Audio Setting: Original Sound

If your original sound is off, the Zoom will recognize an instrumental sound as a background noise and automatically mute it. Please turn on the original sound for music lessons.

More videos on Original Sound