Thanks & Testimonials

2023 Summer Concert

Wow, Gene — Amazing concert! Unbelievable. My student Noah Perez was playing in the band. I loved the program! (Len Montgomery, SCSBOA member teacher)

***My name is Claire Kim and I performed the violin with the LAYP Orchestra 2 for the 2023 summer. This was my first time participating in the LAYP orchestra, and I made an amazing memory. I strongly believe that this performance was beautiful and I am very proud of myself for being a part of this concert. The staff, conductors, and directors were very kind and helped me throughout the concert. I want to say thank you to everyone who was guiding me at the Disney Hall and throughout the rehearsals. This was one of the most delightful and favorable memories that I have ever had, and I really hope to be a part of the LAYP Orchestra again next year. Thank you! Sincerely (Claire Kim, violin)

***What a magical concert!!!! I hope you and your families enjoyed and celebrated this great achievement! There was so much preparation that went into this event and the concert was so amazing! It was a completely high professional quality concert! I feel that every LAYP concert I attend I see more glimpses of Dr Chung’s vision for the group… I can see the kids not only becoming more accomplished and professional musicians, but also getting training in leadership. They will make this world a more lovely place! Thank you for all your help and dedication. Each LAYP concert becomes my favorite concert. Ina Thomas (Mom of Liam, violin)

***Thank you for everything that you have done to help support me and for such an amazing experience with LAYPO. I am so grateful for all of the rehearsals and the wonderful opportunity I have had to play with the orchestra at Disney Hall. This experience was so incredible, and I will never forget the best day of my whole life. I am so lucky to have played the beautiful Paganini Concerto. Thank you for allowing me to play this piece, it was so magical and I still can’t believe this was not a dream. It was such an honor to be a part of this year’s concert. Please have a great rest of your summer, and thank you again. Warmly (Lucie Kim, piano)

***The first thing our son said to us immediately following the concert was, “I want to do this again next year.”  Our hearts are full and our family is proud but most importantly my son is proud of himself. The talent and dedication these young musicians displayed at the concert was sophisticated. We are so grateful for your dedication to young artists in supporting their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves. My son truly enjoyed your leadership Dr. Chung. He was amazed by your passion and observed your kind nature. Having an opportunity to learn from all the talented brilliant conductors as a whole is a rare opportunity for a young musician and it was transformational. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Letty & Joseph Pileski (Parents of Quinn Pileski, French Horn)

***Thank you !! For this amazing opportunity for our kids , It was an honor and pleasure to witness these talented kids and directors, everything was perfect. Yes, it was a long drive for the in-person rehearsals, but it was worth it, what an experience for our daughter. I can not wait for the 2024 concert! Thank you again, our hearts are full! Elena Delgado (Parents of Melody Delgado, saxophone)

***We moved from Seattle just 2 weeks before the concert. The Holliston Church became the first destination on my GPS upon arriving in LA. There we encountered such wonderful people at LAYP.  Alex said to me: “Mom, Dr. Chung is really happy that I come.  He welcomed and introduced me yesterday and today for the second time…” Alex felt comfortable, confident, and nurtured here. We are also very impressed with the organizer’s thoughtfulness, efficiency, dedication, and professionalism. The final concert was a great success.  We are so grateful for this wonderful and unique experience. Thanks again for everything! Best Regards, Anne Fan (Mom of Alexander Fan, double bass)

***Just want to thank you for a wonderful night of music and an amazing musical journey for the kids this summer! Our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s concert.  What a great presentation of all your and the musicians’ hard work!  Our boys had learned and grown so much through this experience!  Thank you!! (The Xia Family; Denali Xia, cello; Mckinley Xia, violin; Makaio Xia, violin)

***We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the LAYP team and especially Dr.Chung for giving this lifetime opportunity and honor to Aniket Subramanian to play at the Disney concert hall. It was an incredible experience! Truly appreciate the time and effort that went into making this possible. Aniket is looking forward to more such experiences. Best regards (Parents of Aniket, violin)

***I can’t express my gratitude for this amazing opportunity. I have learned many new things about the music industry. I have met people like me, who share the same interest in taking music as a profession. Last night, I knew that this lifestyle was meant for me and I appreciate you for introducing me to it. Thank you! (Dashel Levin, classical guitar)

***It was an amazing performance by the LAYPO at Disney Concert  Hall yesterday. We wanted to thank you for giving Andre Chang an opportunity to be in Orchestra 2. We can not say enough wonderful things about this experience. Thank you for the tremendous hard work all of you put in. Again this has been an amazing experience.  Thank you for making young musicians grow and glow. We will be very looking forward to future audition opportunities. Have a wonderful week. Sincerely, Yann (Parents of Andre Chang, violin)

***I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to extend my personal gratitude for another amazing concert. Frankly, I had an amazing time participating in the choir and watching the other ensembles. I look forward to our future adventures, as well as next summer. Thank you! (Heather Breckow, SATB Chamber Singer)

***This year, I had the pleasure of participating in the LAYPO orchestra for the third time. Each time, I have been fortunate enough to be part of the incredible ensemble, I am blown away as each year continues to be better than the former. Your unwavering dedication, attention to detail, and artistic vision created such a profound and unforgettable experience for not only myself but other fellow musicians. 
I am very thankful for the internship opportunity that was granted to me. It was an invaluable experience to contribute to the behind-the-scenes work of such a remarkable program. Being able to play a role in ensuring the success of the orchestra has given me unique perspectives and appreciation for the immense effort and coordination to bring together such a monumental musical endeavor.
I cannot emphasize how much of an honor it was to collaborate with talented musicians in the LAYP orchestra. The experience of making music together with talented individuals was greatly transformative. I feel very privileged to be part of this collective harmony, where each musician’s passion and dedication inspired me to aid in the harmonious musical tapestry. Sincerely, Daniel Baek (violin)

***I am a volunteer photographer and I have uploaded the photos to the Dropbox folder. You can delete, modify and share these photos.  Kayson, my son, enjoyed playing the cello in the Walt Disney Hall and I also enjoyed shooting photos in this great place. I believe there were many challenges but you handled them smoothly. Thank you again for organizing this great concert! Best wishes (Yen-Cheng Chen)

***from Parent Volunteers’ Chat
-This was the first concert with LAYP for my child. I enjoyed every moment of the concert and it was fascinating. Thank you Dr. Chung and parent volunteers for making this awesome experience for the kids! 
-Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work, time, and enthusiasm all day yesterday!
-Thank you to Dr. Chung and all esteemed conductors, musicians and volunteers for an amazing experience for our children. We truly enjoyed the concert! 
-Thank you Dr. Chung. My son enjoyed the first time performing in Walt Disney Hall. I have to admit that I was worried about the quality of the concert, considering that many of the kids had only attended three rehearsals. However, the concert turned out to be quite impressive, and my family thoroughly enjoyed it.
-Thank you Dr. Chung, conductors, musicians, and volunteers! It’s my daughter’s first time at LAYP. She really enjoyed it and she said that it also encouraged her to practice more. Our family enjoyed the concert so much. I truly see it’s a group of people who are passionate about music. Thanks, everyone! – Daisy

***As the days after the concert go by, I’ve been able to reflect on this wonderful program that you lead. I’m so impressed by your dedication to the students and their musical interests. You and the staff have given them all such an unforgettable experiences, and I’m proud to have been a part of that! Saturday’s performance was one I’ll remember for a long time. I made good friends, and I learned many different things about my myself and my musicianship. Thank you for having me aboard, and please let me know if you need assistance in your future endeavors. Sincerely (Matthew Tashima, percussion)

***It was an honor for me to perform at the Disney Hall, and the performance was wonderful and greatly appreciated. It was really glorious night! I am willing to audition and try out next year. The in-person practice was really fun and nicely organized. Even though it was really far for me to get there, it was worth it. Again thank you for everything you’ve done (Nathan Cho, violin)

**Thank you so much for giving our girls the most amazing experience of a lifetime, performing such beautiful music in this beautiful hall! Thanks also for sharing these amazing photos – What a gift! God bless you, Anna (Mom of Ashlyn, piano, and Adelyn, flute)

***This is my second time being part of the LAYPO orchestra and I loved being part of it. The pieces were wonderful and I’m sure that it was a wonderful performance. I just want to thank all of the conductors, staff, and volunteers for making this happen and Dr. Chung for giving me an opportunity that was unforgettable. I am also grateful to be playing with other wonderful musicians. I hope to be in LAYPO next year as well. Thank you so much for everything! Sincerely (Audrey Yoon, violin)

***Thank you so much for all of your support during all the rehearsals leading up to the concert, and the concert itself! This was my first time performing with the LAYP orchestra or with any orchestra as a cellist. I really enjoyed this wonderful experience! From the rehearsals to actually performing at Disney Hall, every moment was filled with excitement and growth. The support and guidance I received during the preparations from the organizers, directors, and conductors were invaluable and really prepared me for the concert. I made so many great memories and friends and it was an honor to be part of the LAYP orchestra. I truly hope to perform with the LAYP orchestra again next year! Sincerely (Karalim Cruikshank, cello)

***Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this amazing experience at Walt Disney Concert Hall! The venue was incredible and we could feel all the musicians’ energy and passion in the pieces we performed. It was magical to watch our collective hard work and practice pay off as we went from Zoom meetings to performing in an incredible venue. We are very fortunate for the advice and guidance of Dr. Buck, Dr. Culligan, and Dr. Chung in Orchestra 1, 2, and Chamber Orchestra. We are also very thankful for the opportunity to meet and form friendships with people who shared our musical interests. We will always remember this concert and hope to be a part of this orchestra for many years to come. Sincerely, Allison (violin), Evalyn (violin) Yu and Family

***As the grandiose sound of the organ starts to fill the room with music, we take our seats and anticipate that something great is to come.  We have diligently practiced for this time and moment and now it’s coming to fruition.  The feeling of pure excitement overcomes us. Still cannot believe we are at the world renowned Disney Concert Hall.  What an HONOR!! Thank you for making dreams a reality.  There are no words to show our gratitude.  Your hard work and dedication has proved to be successful once again. We are so blessed to be a part of the LAYPO team.  The joy of part taking in the orchestra brings so much joy to our family.  Even Grandma Baek flew in from San Francisco to watch the performance and could not stop smiling :).  We are overjoyed and cannot wait for our next performance. Sincerely, Justin and Family (Cello).

***As Jacqueline Mancera’s parents, we want to express our gratitude to you, not only as Jacqueline’s parents but also as audience members. What a wonderful concert! We kept saying “wow, wow, wow!!!” after each performance. We are not musicians. In fact, neither of us play any musical instruments. We are touched by your program. We invited one of our family friends to the concert. He is a  well known physician scientist in cancer research. At the end of the concert he told me that the “God bless America” you conducted was the most moving rendition of the piece he has ever heard. We talked about how current news makes us worry about the future but these young musicians gave us hope. Your music has touched us. We want to share our experience with you and let you know that you gave us a memorable evening on July 8th, 2023. Sincerely, Dorothy and Jaime (Dr. & Mrs. Mancera: Parents of Jacqueline, piano)

***Playing in the LAYP Orchestra was a fantastic experience for me. I made some wonderful friends and enjoyed the inspiring musical community. Thank you, Dr. Chung, for your awesome vision in putting this together! I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to solo with the LAYP Orchestra and the kind support of my friends in the orchestra. LAYPO was my first time soloing with orchestra and it made soloing with professional orchestras more comfortable. Thank you! (Leonora Vukovitz, violin)

2022 Summer Concert

Thank you again for a wonderful concern last Saturday. It was just stunning (Heather Breckow SATB Singer).

***Thank you so much for an amazing concert last night! The kids did such a wonderful job because of your leadership and all the hard work you invested in the kids even in the midst of personal/family hardship. All the parents I talked to were so impressed and delighted with the concert. I asked a lot of the kids if they will join again for the summer and I heard very excited “YES”! I love seeing LAYPO grow and blossom. Thank you for everything! Ina Thomas (Mom of Liam, violin)

***That was a great concert last night!  The soloists were amazing and the singers sounded exceptional!  My sister and husband who flew in from Chicago were so surprised at how professional it sounded!  The pieces were well chosen and played beautifully! (Ethan Saldana, viola)

(Testimonial) I have been thinking about the concert that happened on July 9 for two weeks now, trying to gather my thoughts. Because it was truly one of the best nights of my life, and an experience that I doubt I will ever forget… It was amazing. I’ll never forget it, and I hope to do it again…I cannot repeat my gratitude enough. Thank you.
(Testimonial) The program was AMAZING!!  My family and friends were blessed by attending.  I was literally moved to tears during the ending of the Mendelssohn piece when the choir joined in. Thank you!! Your program is such a gift to my child.
(Testimonial) I have been thinking about the concert that happened on July 9 for two weeks now, trying to gather my thoughts. Because it was truly one of the best nights of my life, and an experience that I doubt I will ever forget… It was amazing. I’ll never forget it, and I hope to do it again…I cannot repeat my gratitude enough. Thank you.

***This was a FANTASTIC Concert! The music selections were beautiful as always and encouraged the kids to improve their playing skills. It was a wonderful experience also to be at the in person rehearsals after 2 years of pandemic. The beauty of playing music together inspires children to continue to grow musically. We are so thankful to Dr Chung for always making these orchestra concerts such enriching experiences. He always invites other great conductors and professional musicians to create an inspiring learning time for the participants. Thank you also to Mrs. Chung, who so humbly and lovingly works behind the scenes and prepares snacks and takes care of such a large crowd of kids. On our long drive home every night after rehearsal, Liam enjoyed the healthy snacks Mrs. Chung always brought, while sharing stories of the fellowship with other students and musical progress. This orchestra is SO MUCH MORE than learning new pieces and performing in great concert halls. It is truly our orchestra family, a wonderful community that makes every student feel valued and supported. We thank you, Dr Chung, because your heart for the children/families and your passion for music are making our time together a very memorable experience on our children’s musical journey. Blessings, Ina Thomas (Mom of Liam, violin)

***Congratulations on a truly remarkable performance!  This was such a wonderful, inspiring experience for my daughter.  Over the month preparing for the concert, I watched my daughter’s technique and musicianship improve tremendously.  She now practices with much greater intensity and purpose. Having the experience of performing on stage at the Walt Disney Concert Hall was magical, and the opportunity to train with leading music directors and such talented young performers made her realize her own potential.  Thank you so much for this transformational program.  (Mom of Sarah, flute)

***Walt Disney Concert Hall was a great experience and night for me. Even though practice was long, it was definitely all worth it to perform there in front of such a great audience. I loved the wonderful music and pieces that were chosen and enjoyed it even further to know that we were able to get all of it down in just three weeks. I look forward to auditioning again in the future and performing in the absolutely amazing orchestra.
Thank you for your time and hard work! (Joey Zhou, cello)

***Hello! We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the concert last night. This was one of the best experiences ever!! John Breckow (Dad of Heather, mezzo soprano)

***Thank you so much , Dr. Chung and the LAYPO staff. What a magnificent concert! We are thankful for your leadership, diligence and effort in setting this up. It was amazing for Alexis to be able to perform in such a wonderful venue (Parents of Alexis Leo, cello)

***Thank you so much! My child had a wonderful experience and it was an honor to play at Disney Hall. We truly appreciate all you did as well as the conductors! Dr. Jill Nunes Jensen (Dad of Grant, violin)

***Thank you Dr. Chung, the conductors and the entire LAYPO administration team.It was truly a magical and amazing evening filled with beautiful music! What a blessing for us to have attended the performance and all the musicians to take part in this incredible music experience. We’re so grateful for all the people on stage and behind the scenes! Great job! Thank you so much! Russell Kathy Kwan (Mom of Ryan, cello)

***We truly enjoyed the show at Walt Disney Concert Hall.  It was a great opportunity for our daughter to perform at such a well respected venue and to perform with a full orchestra the first time. It was an amazing show. Thank you! (Parents of Kate Masuda, violin)

***I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for all you did for the 2022 summer concert! Your dedication, commitment, thoughtful planning, and many many hours behind the scenes made an amazing concert on Saturday!
Congratulations on such a wonderful performance, all of you guys! Your commitment, practice, and effort to create beautiful music made an incredible concert! (Mom of Daniel Baek, violin)

***Thank you so much for an incredible evening. The performers and conductors were all fantastic and we were truly blown away by the scale of the concert. How you were able to pull this all off during this pandemic is truly a testament to some careful planning, very hard work, and an abundance of talent. Thank you thank you thank you!!! (Parents of Colette Yerrid, cello)

***It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I sincerely thank Dr. Alhadef, Dr. Culligan, and Dr. Chung for tying the individually talented young musicians together perfectly. During the rehearsals, the wind section bonded together, was nervous together, and finally played harmoniously together. This performance was a colossal motivator for our musical careers and hope to be able to return to Walt Disney Hall all together! (Brady Ahn, clarinet)

***What an amazing concert it was. I am truly impressed by all the talented musicians. It left nothing but pleasure in my ears and to all the audiences.
Thank you very much for having my son Noah Lee (violin 2, Honors Orchestra 2) and our family to be part of LAYPO for the first time. It was definitely an honor to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall and to even perform on the stage, was everything to ask for, to someone with love of classical music. Not to mention, it was the beauty of the music that carried that evening at the concert, directed by amazing conductors. Thank you so much once again! We would love to be part of LAYPO every year and see my son grow and gain more in music (Parent of Noah Lee, violin).

***I remember sitting at the final concert yesterday at the last fanfare of McBeth, and I remember thinking, “I will never forget this experience”. Playing the last few double-stops tremolos felt unreal as the entire orchestra climaxed to one point. I have no doubt the work you did was the reason these thoughts came alive in my head. To me, this wasn’t just another orchestral experience. It was a trip through valiant victory marches in Radetzky, the melancholy melodies of Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony, or the explosive fanfares of McBeth.Other musicians and I have been deeply touched by our involvement in the LAYP Orchestra. It was an incredible time where music connected all of us under one common harmony. Thank you so much for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of your thoughtful dedication. I hope this is just the inception of my musical career! Sincerely, Daniel Baek (violin)

***I must begin by saying a grand THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication in making this summer’s orchestra experience such a success. I think the 3 days of in-person rehearsals have been the highlight of Liam’s summer so far! He was so happy to be there.Thank you also for responding to my emails even when you were SO busy with hundreds of other people involved in this. When i briefly walked in to take some pictures during the Tutti rehearsal, i was shocked to see how HUGE this year’s group was. The whole gym was filled! it looked like an amazing celebration of music! Dr. Chung, you always select amazing music, lead these large groups of kids, teens, adults, volunteers, professionals and conductors through the intense rehearsals, probably get very little sleep (i see your emails are at late hours), yet always have a smile on your face, never seem harsh or impatient and even take the time to respond to parents’ emails. You always go above and beyond to honor all the conductors who join, but you are too modest to accept any praise coming your way. I just wanted you to know how much our family REALLY appreciates and notices everything you and your wife do for the kids in the orchestra.I pray that God will strengthen you, keep you healthy, and surround you with encouraging people who can refresh your spirit, so that you may continue this music ministry that touches so many hearts! Each orchestra season i feel so thankful that Liam can have such great role models in music. I look forward to the Christmas recital and maybe by then the rules will change at Colburn so everyone can participate in person. Blessings, Ina Thomas (Mom of Liam, violin)